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Goals of the Three-Year-Old Program

Our program aims to encourage independence among our three-year-olds and to prepare them for the pre-kindergarten class to follow.  The format of the day allows the children to freely explore, be creative, navigate independently and to socialize with other children in a positive manner.  Our goal is to create a loving atmosphere and to make the children’s first experience with school a positive one.  This will instill a "love for school" for all of the children. 

Social Skills
  • We encourage kindness through sharing and taking turns with others.
  • There is a focus on teaching the children to follow directions - single and multi-step directions.
  • By providing an understanding, warm and friendly environment, we help ease separation anxieties.
  • Independence is encouraged for toilet habits, drinking juice out of cups and for cleaning up after oneself.
  • There is an appropriate amount of rug time which encourages the children to sit quietly, respectfully and to raise their hands before   speaking.
  • Fine Motor Skills are enhanced through a variety of play activities and numerous crafts.
  • Independence is encouraged as the children have free time to navigate and select activities/toys that he or she is interested in.

 Cognitive Thinking Goals

  • Identifying colors, shapes and letters
  • Counting every day
  • Encourage the children to begin writing own name
  • Identifying own name among many others
  • Following Directions
  • Introduction of the use of scissors 

Art and Music

  • One to two art projects are completed by each student every day.  All are completed under the direction of a teacher and completed in small groups of 2-3.
  • Fine motor skills are further developed through the use of a wide variety of art media. 
  • Music is incorporated into the classroom each day.

Three-Year-Old Class Offerings

There are 2 morning classes and one afternoon class being offered for the 2016-2017 school year. 

Tuesday/Thursday, 8:30 -11:00
Tuesday/Thursday, 8:30 -11:00
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, 12:15 -2:45

Daily Classroom Routine

Upon being greeted by the teacher at the door, the children wash their hands immediately and then sit on the rug.  As we await the remainder of our friends to come to class, the children visit with each other.  Once everyone has settled in, we count all of our friends and try to guess if anyone is missing.  We then sing our class flag song as the children take turns holding the flag each day.  The class then rejoins on the rug for sharing time.  The children take turns talking and listening to each other.  Everyone gets a turn to speak and to be heard.  This is a wonderful part of our day as we learn more about each other each and every day.  This is followed up by a brief explanation of what activities are to be completed that day.  The children are then free to play in the classroom and select their activities.  Teachers call the children over to do the craft project(s) one by one.  Once all projects have been completed, a child rings the class bell to indicate that it is time to clean up the room.  Everyone helps put toys away and supplies away.  We then regroup on the rug for story time.  The children are taught to sit with legs folded and hands in their laps as they listen quietly and actively participate in the story.  This is then followed by snack time.  The children once again wash their hands and then meet at the tables where we all sit down and have snack together.  Our day ends back on the rug for music activities or gross motor activities.

Three-Year-Old Guidelines

  • The children must be potty trained.  Pull-ups are allowed at the beginning of the year.  However, if a child were to have a bowel movement while wearing a pull-up/diaper a call will be made home.  Teachers are unable to change diapers in the three-year-old classroom.
  • Parents will be asked to supply snack for 3-4 classes during the year.  We are a peanut free school.
  • Teacher conferences will be held twice during the year. Teachers are always available if any questions or concerns arise.
  • We will go on a few local field trips throughout the year. Parents will provide transportation to and from the field trips. 
  • We will have visits from firefighters and librarians during the year.
  • A Parent’s Night is held before school begins to talk in more detail about our daily routine and our calendar.
  • Children must be three by September 1 of the year they plan to enter a three-year-old class. This is the same guideline used by Elmhurst District 205.


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